Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant Review


Sex is a very pleasurable and fun filled activity for human beings. However, it is not so accommodating for some individuals who need a bit of lubrication to overcome their dryness. Then there are millions who need wetness and slipperiness to make their partners enjoy while having backdoor fun. Wet is a company that has been making lubricants for those intimate moments in the bedroom. Wet Platinum is a lubricant that belongs to the premium category and allows the users to enhance their pleasure during anal play and anal sex.wet-platinum

What makes Wet Platinum a bestselling lubricant?

Wet Platinum is a lubricant that provides super smooth and silky experience to the couples who use it for stimulation and enhancement of pleasure. It is a silicone based lubricant that stays on for a very long time. It works well even with condoms and remains an invisible partner that works silently to enhance pleasure for the users. These are the reasons why there is such craze among the people for this lubricant.

Features of Wet Platinum premium lubricant

  • Made using best quality silicone
  • Makes skin soft and slippery
  • Does not dry out like water-based lubricants
  • Works longer than any other lubricant
  • Remains effective in water


  1. Very small quantity is required

Even though Wet Platinum is a costly lubricant, it actually proves to be cheap for the consumers. This is because only a few drops of this lubricant are enough to provide silky smooth feeling to the user. Also, you do not need to reapply this lubricant to continue to experience super soft and silky feeling as it stays on for as long as you indulge in the sexual activity. No matter how strong stamina you have or how long your marathon sex session continues, this premium quality lubricant will remain effective to enable you to derive maximum pleasure.

  1. Does not feel sticky

Wet Platinum is a silicone based lubricant that does not wash away in water. So you can continue to enjoy with your partner even while taking a shower or enjoying in a hot tub bath. But even though Wet Platinum is oil based it never feels tacky or oily to create uneasiness for you while indulging in anal play or anal sex.

  1. Easy cleanup
Wet Platinum Silicone Based Lubricant, 4.2 Ounce
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There are many people who remain suspicious about silicone based lubricants saying these products are difficult to remove from the body after use. However, this is certainly not the case with Wet Platinum lubricant. It is made from grade 5 silicone and cleans up with a single swipe of a towel or a cotton cloth. If you insist upon washing it away, you will require soap along with water.

  1. Leaves no stains behind

One of the most hated features of anal lubes is their propensity to stain items of clothing when they come in contact with them. But when you choose Wet Platinum, you can remain free from such worries as this lubricant is free from toxic elements and also can be cleaned if it gets applied on clothing items. There is no residue left behind over clothes by this lubricant.


Most consumers are highly satisfied with the quality of this lubricant. However, some individuals find it too thin or running to be effective for them. They sat that it is food for stimulation but thicker lubricant is necessary for anal play and anal sex. Some people question the shape of the product saying that this lubricant spills all over the place when trying to dispense it. A few customers have complained that this lubricant does not work effectively when they use it with silicone toys.

One the whole, Wet Platinum is regarded in very high esteem by the users. It is a bestselling silicone based lubricant that is believed to be silky smooth and very long lasting by the users. People love it as it is odorless and tasteless and remains invisible while providing soft and smooth feeling to the users. So get up and order your bottle of Wet Platinum today. You will not be disappointed with its results. It is a little pricey but a high-quality lubricant.






  • Slipperiness 9.9
  • Easy to Clean 9.8
  • Sensitivity 9.8
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Wet Platinum is regarded in very high esteem by the users. It is a bestselling silicone based lubricant that is believed to be silky smooth and very long lasting by the users

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