Olive Oil as Anal lube

It is a fact that most couples try anal sex to make their sex life more interesting and exciting. The mere thought of getting back door entry into his woman excites a man so much that he is inadvertently thinking about this act in his mind most of the time. However, it becomes necessary to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with anal sex for the woman to make the act more pleasurable and enjoyable for both the partners.

While there are many types of lubricants being sold in the market to help people with anal play and anal sex, there are many who look for things available at home to make the entry of penis inside the anus easier and smoother. This often includes olive oil as it is commonly found in the kitchen.

Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube? How Is Safe It?

These two are two of the hot searched queries on Google and other search engines. Let us try to find answers to these questions.

Olive oil is a product that has been around for thousands of years and it was used abundantly even during the time of the Romans. One thing that goes in favor of olive oil when used as a lubricant for anal sex is the fact that it is a pure substance and also 100% natural. Also, this oil does not have an aroma like petroleum based oils like baby oil or other mineral oils like petroleum jelly.

Though there is no evidence to prove this fact but olive oil has been used by mankind to reduce friction and to make sex, whether vaginal or anal, more pleasurable. It has been there for such a long time that it is considered safe for sexual activities by most people.

If one looks for pros for olive oil as a lubricant for sexual activities, it has been recommended by older generation as good oil to remove vaginal dryness and soreness. It has been used to massage the vagina and the surrounding areas for thousands of years. However, as far as experts are concerned, they do not recommend using olive oil to massage private parts for fun and relaxation. They even discourage people from using this oil on the delicate skin of infants and small babies.

Pros as a lubricant for anal sex

  • Has no pH levels: This is a fact in favor of olive oil when it is used as a lubricant for sexual activities. It, therefore, does not alter the vaginal pH levels and also does not lead to yeast infections.
  • Is not soluble in water: This is another property of olive oil that makes it suitable for use as a lubricant for anal sex. It does not wash away on its own and only a few drops of olive oil can keep the anal sphincter smooth and velvety for a long time to make an anal play and anal sex pleasurable.

Cons of olive oil as a lubricant for anal sex

However, these two pros do not mean that one would look for olive oil whenever he or she is in the mood for anal sex. Here are the cons of using this substance as a lubricant for anal sex.

  • Not easy to clean after sex: As olive oil is not soluble in water, it stays on inside the anus if you try to wash it away with a stream of water. In fact, it can easily stain your lingerie and the sheets to leave quite a lot of mess behind.
  • Can cause allergy to some people: People believe that olive oil is pure and cannot harm them in any way. However, there have been many cases where women have reported catching allergy after using olive oil as a lubricant for anal sex.
  • Can feel unpleasant because of odor: Olive oil has a characteristic smell of its own that is found unpleasant by many. However, it can smell very foul when it turns rancid. All the fun and excitement of anal sex can go awry because of the odor of olive oil if it has been used as a lubricant.
  • Can destroy condom: Like mineral oil, olive oil is oil based lubricant that is an enemy of the substance used for making a condom. The latex of your condom can be destroyed up to 90% if it remains in contact with olive oil applied directly over the penis or inside the anus. Imagine a broken condom in between a session of anal sex to increase the chances of catching an STD.

Olive oil has a thick consistency that is considered excellent when using it as massage oil over the body. However, this property of the olive oil makes it unsuitable for anal sex as it can clog the pores in the anus sphincter to cause irritation and even an infection requiring medication. If you are fond of olive oil, you can always use it externally to increase fun and excitement in your sex session with your partner.

Of course, olive oil and baby oils were the preferred choices of people whenever they desired to have fun through back door entry. But this was before the creating of synthetic lubricants specifically for the purpose of anal sex and anal play.

These lubricants are available in different fragrances and they come as water based, oil based, and silicone based lubricants. They remain neutral and last long to make anal sex much more enjoyable and smooth. This is the reason they prove to be more effective and safer than substances available at homes like baby oils and olive oil.

Our Pick for Baby Oil


In the end, it would be correct to say that even though olive oil is natural and pure, it is not the right choice when used as a lubricant for anal sex. This is because it can destroy the condom if it is latex based and also cause irritation and allergies. It can also stain sheets and lingerie and proves to be difficult to clean up.

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