Coconut Oil as Anal Lube


Natural Coconut oil, commonly sold as Virgin (or ‘Unrefined’ Coconut Oil) is created by manufacturers through the process of pressing it from its natural, coconut form. This is typically done at room temperature, and in turn creates a sort of paste or oil – depending on the method used.

Coconut Oil, in its most natural form, is popular for many personal uses outlined below, and is typically skin-friendly as it does not contain any allergens – outside of coconuts itself of course.

Coconut oil personal lubricant is one of the most popular lubes available on the market. Read on to find out why!

Various uses for Natural Coconut Oil

People can use natural coconut oil for moisturizing skin, is dermatologist recommended for various bacterial infections and other various skin irritation conditions.

Natural coconut oil is a great solution for rejuvenating and maintaining healthy skin, and can even prevent wrinkles.

In its most natural, organic form, coconut oil is very popular for also giving your partner a soothing massage, so it’s no wonder why people choose coconut oil as a personal lubricant in the bedroom.

Using Coconut Oil as Lube in the Bedroom

Counting on natural, organic coconut oil as a lube in the bedroom is a safe bet for a handful of reasons. Ranging from its health benefits, delectable taste and small, all the way to its various forms and easily-warmed lotion form. Coconut oil personal lubricate is understandably a popular choice!

Some of the most popular bedroom lubes such as Astroglide and Cleanstream lube cause irritation to some, and many are not condom material friendly. Others are often made with unnatural chemicals such as Methylparabens, glycerine, and other parabens like Propylparaben which can cause harm or negative side-effects.

While some of these bedroom lubes can cause discomfort, others can cause unwanted skin-reactions, and can even throw a woman’s PH off – ouch! Thanks to it’s natural ingredients, coconut oil personal lubricants do not typically have these same types of side-effects.

As any woman knows, maintaining a balanced PH in the vaginal area is essential for good health, and also preventing yeast infections. As mentioned above, natural coconut oil is recommended by gynecologists to prevent and treat yeast infections.

Thanks to its natural, organic ingredients, coconut oil personal lubicant can also serve as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Thanks to this, it’s preventative and health-friendly benefits make it clear why so many count on and find comfort in relying on coconut oil personal lubricant in the bedroom. Just make sure you read the ingredients, as there should only be one: Coconut Oil.

Adults find natural coconut oil to be pleasant, easy to use and warm up to an oil from its paste form, and even quite romantic.

For those who do not enjoy coconuts or their smell, its evident why some should stray away from such a product.

Researching and understanding the benefits of what massage oil to use in the bedroom is really important for you and your partner’s ultimate comfort – and health.

Preventing and soothing dryness with natural coconut oil is a great way to go – although re-application may be necessary as it’s not entirely absorbed into the skin on its own.

The “to-knows” about Natural Coconut Oil in the Bedroom

Coconut oil personal lubricant will erode plastics, so for any toy play; it’s only recommended for metal or glass toys.

Natural Coconut Oil turns yellow to a slight brown over time after drying, so it can be annoying to get on bed linens or other furniture. If you’re using it on the go or in a special place like the beach, just make sure you use it on linens that you don’t mind and can wash the stains out of.

Cleaning coconut oil out of common linens is as easy as applying soap and warm water – but in rare instances this can be an inconvenience.

For those that do not like the smell of coconut oil, as mentioned above, will not find comfort and it can even ruin the mood if coconut and tropical oils or smells are not your thing – so buyer beware.

Natural coconut oil as lube, contrary to its name, does not naturally become absorbed into the skin. Therefore, you can expect an after-residue on your skin as well, which may be irritating to some.

The final word on Natural Coconut Oil and your Skin

In comparison to some of the most popular lubes on the market, including natural ones like coconut oil, it can be a great selection if you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, through vaginal intercourse or anal sex, and it provides a warm, fun, and fruity sensation to your bedroom activities!

While there are other natural fruit and vegetable combinations or organic oils available on the market, organic coconut oil hands down provides some of the most naturally pleasant and beneficial to your health ingredients which will leave you smelling fresh, and fruity, and happy!

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