Can you use Vaseline as Lube


There can be no gainsaying the fact that a large number of men and women find it difficult to enjoy sexual intercourse. Lack of natural lubrication makes it very difficult for these people to enjoy not just sexual intercourse but also anal play and anal sex. These individuals make use of different types of objects to enhance lubrication down there. Lubes make the act of sex more pleasurable for these people. This may sound surprising to many individuals but for those experiencing low levels of natural lubrication, some sort of personal lubricant becomes indispensable to keep penetration enjoyable. Vaseline as lube has been used by individuals since time immemorial. However, there have been bitter critics of this habit of using Vaseline as a personal lube. Let us get the position clear for the benefit of thousands of men and women so that they can apply it and not feel any guilt or fear of personal safety.

What is Vaseline

vaseline-as-anal-lubeVaseline is nothing but 100% pure and refined petroleum jelly that obtained as a by-product of the oil industry. If you do not know, it is a blend of mineral oils and waxes and intends to soften up your facial and bodily skin that has become rough and chafed during the winter season. It is a soft and semi-liquid mixture of hydrocarbons that is white and transparent and mainly used for healing of skin that has been wounded or burnt. Thus it is clear that it is intended to be used a topical cream, locally applied over the part of the body where the skin has become wounded or cut. But as is the case with other stuff commonly found in homes, many women (and men also) just pick up this petroleum jelly and use it as a substitute for personal lube. There is thinking on the part of most men and women that Vaseline (the biggest brand of petroleum jelly in the world) is a harmless product that can be used on the sensitive body parts like vagina and anus to enhance pleasure. Petroleum jelly as lube is not uncommon around the country. Many women who feel dry down there apply it before having sexual intercourse to overcome dryness and to make the experience pleasurable for them. Some women go further and apply this lubricant in and around their anus when having an anal play or anal sex with their partners. The same is the case with many men who are fond of indulging in anal play with their partners. It is only natural for these men and women to consider petroleum jelly a very harmless product given that it is used at the drop of a hat literally from treating chaffed lips to diaper rashes of babies.

People who use petroleum jelly as lube see no harm in their act. Isn’t this product soft and gives a moisturized and hydrates skin instantly? Well, it does but it is only an illusion as it forms a thin transparent film over the skin and even clogs the pores of the skin. This product is water repellent and does not dissolve in water Therefore you cannot be sure that entire petroleum jelly has been wiped out from the part of the body where you have applied it if you have simply washed it with the help of water. Petroleum jelly as lube is an indicator of the trust and confidence people have in its efficacy and the ability to protect the skin. If anything, people know it is not going to harm them when they run out of their personal lube and face an emergency. One thing that goes in favor of petroleum jelly is the fact that it stays on for a very long time and one does not need to go for a reapplication. Also, the reason why men and women pick up Vaseline when they run out of stock of their favorite personal lube is that it is already there inside the home and they do not need to move out of home to fetch it from the nearby general store.

Not everything that is wet and slippery is good as a lube

Can you use Vaseline as lube

in bed during sex whether you are a man or a woman? In their hurry to somehow make it slippery down there, many men and women look for oily and waxy products at home that they can lay hands upon. Now you cannot apply just about anything down there as it is a sensitive part of your body. You are risking infection and irritation if you use something that is not suitable for your skin.  It might look like that a particular stuff available at home is perfect for this use but not all products can become proper substitutes of an anal lube being sold in the market. Some people have complaints with even the lubes that are specifically made for this use. Then you can imagine why it makes no sense to reach out for any oil or lubricant that you can find at home.

Vaseline has been used by men and women for a very long time

Personal lubricants are mostly used by women to make the act of sexual intercourse pleasurable for themselves. There is also no dearth of women and men who use a lube to lubricate their ass holes in order to make an anal play and anal sex enjoyable for them. Vaseline is a product that has been made primarily for application on chaffed lips and bodily skin that has become dry. It is a product that is slippery and also safe for use on one’s body. But the point to remember is that it was not created to be applied in and around vagina for the purpose of lubrication. As many women have found, it tends to be thick and sticky, giving an odd feeling to them while having sexual intercourse. Also, unlike personal lubes specially made for his purpose, it is not very slippery either. So while having Vaseline at home might come handy for women experiencing the lack of natural lubrication, it is certainly not an ideal product as a personal lubricant. You might feel wet down there for a while but Vaseline as lube does not last for a long time.

Negative results associated with use of Vaseline down there

Many women hate it when asked to apply Vaseline in their vagina or around the anus. They say it feels sticky and gummy after some time and gives a very awkward feeling when having sex with a partner. These women say things become very messy indeed after application of Vaseline down there. One more fact that forces lots of men and women to stay away from Vaseline as a lube is its property to ruin latex condoms. It can break latex condoms to increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Finally, doctors have found that Vaseline, when used as a personal lube, increases the chances of catching a vaginal bacterial infection.

There have been a few incidents where women became pregnant despite their partners using a condom during sexual intercourse. The culprit in these cases was identified as Vaseline. Women applied it down there to masturbate and then did not clean it away properly. They later had sex with their partners and became pregnant as the remnants of Vaseline in and around their vaginas ruined the condoms worn by their partners.

Experts unanimously say no to Vaseline as a personal lube

So can you use Vaseline as lube? The verdict given by the experts and even men and women who have used it as a lube at one per the other point of time is that it can be used occasionally when the personal lube is not available or has finished. But nearly all agree that Vaseline cannot become a great substitute for personal lubes being sold in the market. It is certainly a good option to enhance wetness and slippery-ness down there temporarily than experience rough and difficult sex with your partner. But please keep in mind that you not only run the risk of catching a bacterial infection but also the risk of becoming pregnant even when your partner is using a condom. Take a look at the pros and cons of using Vaseline as a lube and decide for yourself.

Pros of using Vaseline as lube

  • It is commonly found in all homes so easily available

Vaseline is only a brand, but it has become synonymous with petroleum jelly because of its presence and reach all over the world. It is so commonly seen in homes that people treat it as a natural product. So it does not come as a surprise when a man or woman reaches out and picks the jar of Vaseline from his cabinet to apply down there to maximize pleasure.

  • It is a lubricant for use on skin that works to make it wet and slippery down there

People have a strong belief in the efficacy of Vaseline. They trust its ability to protect their skin. This is why they go for it as a personal lube during sex.

  • It does not rub off when it comes in contact with water as it does not dissolve in water

Vaseline is a wonderful lubricant in the sense that it does not wash away when it comes in contact with water. So you can use it safely when you are in a mood to have sex under the shower.

  • It gives a nice feeling because of its smooth texture

Vaseline is so smooth when applied on skin that it is natural for people to go for it for application on the vagina during sex. After all, the one needs to apply this lubricant only to overcome dryness inside genitals.

  • It maintains its effect for a long time

Vaseline is a derivative of oil so it continues to provide moisture and a very smooth feeling for a very long time during sex.

  • It does not flow so it stays in place during the act of sex

This is a big benefit of using Vaseline as a lubricant. People know that it will not start to flow after getting mixed with one’s own sweat or the sweat on the body of the partner.

Cons of using Vaseline as lube

  • Not as slippery as lubes being sold in the market

Vaseline, even though it is smooth and gives a wet and slippery feeling down there, cannot match the efficiency and efficacy of personal lubes especially made for this purpose.

  • Increases risk of bacterial infection

Vaseline is only a topical cream but people use it as a lube during sex. It can harm people having sensitive skin and lead to bacterial infection.

  • Can break the condom if made of latex

Vaseline can break the condom if it is made of latex

  • It creates a mess after sex as it is gummy and thick

Some women find it offending as it creates a sticky mess after sex

Some myths associated with use of Vaseline as a lube

Interestingly, there are some myths associated with Vaseline that is used as a reason by many men and women to use it as a lube during sex. Many believe that Vaseline helps in tightening vagina that has become loose. This is not true at all as it is only a lubricant meant to give a smooth and slippery feeling to the part of the skin where it is applied. It does not, and cannot tighten your loose vagina by any means. Secondly, many women feel that Vaseline application makes their vagina shine like shoes having been rubbed with polish. This is a rubbish claim that has been rejected by the experts who say that no shining of vagina takes place by regular application of Vaseline. There is also a myth that prevents many women from using Vaseline inside their vaginas. They believe that inserting Vaseline inside their vaginas causes discomfort or irritation. However, this is completely untrue and there is no discomfort at all when Vaseline is applied on the vagina.




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