Can I Use Baby Oil As Lubricant For Anal Sex?


Anal sex is not a new practice. It has been there since time immemorial and mankind has enjoyed indulging in this act for various reasons. However, it is only now that people have started to talk and debate about anal sex. One can find many queries about anal sex on internet, with Can I Use Baby Oil as Lubricant for Anal Sex topping the highest searched key phrases. It is clear that people are looking for lubricants to make the act pleasurable for the female partners also. While it is mostly men who have a strong urge to fuck their female partners from behind, there is no dearth of women these days who find anal sex enjoyable. Baby oil is believed to be harmless by most people. It is the first impression about baby oil that makes it an easy choice striking the minds of men and women thinking about anal sex. It is a fact that baby products are made with ingredients that do not cause any harm to the silicate skin of a small baby. However, this logic does not make baby oil a good choice or even a safe choice to be applied freely on and inside the anal opening. Not many people know that baby oil is a product derived from petroleum. Most people, including parents of newborns and those who are expecting a child, believe that baby oil is harmless and it can be used for the purpose of sex as it is safe for the skin of little babies.


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To be honest, Johnson’s baby oil is a mineral oil obtained from petroleum even though it appears to
be soft and harmless with fragrances added to make it all the more alluring. It is certainly not advisable to apply this substance over the head of the penis or the interior wall of the anus. Using this mineral oil internally is not a good idea for a couple as there is every chance of this oil finding its way into the body. Your body has no idea what to do with this foreign body as it cannot break up this mineral oil. Your body is able to deal with water based lubes as they can be broken down into simpler molecules to be finally re moved through urine or toilet. Of course baby oil makes one feel satin smooth down there.

While baby oil proves to be a very good lubricant making the anal sphincter smooth and slippery, its harmful effects are experienced only much later and even then no one blames the act of anal sex with baby oil as being responsible for the health problems arising out of it. This oil is certainly very soft and satin smooth, allowing a couple to enjoy the act of anal sex by removing all the pain and discomfort that takes place as the muscles of anus are stretched by the forceful entry of a hard penis.

Baby oil may facilitate smooth anal sex but it can lead to serious health issues. If you are desirous of anal sex but want to do it with condoms on, you must forget using baby oil as a lubricant. This is because baby oil has the propensity to destroy condoms. If this is something that does not bother you much, there is a serious health issue that you certainly cannot overlook. Mineral oil contained in baby oil has the potential to clog the pores of your skin inside the vagina, thereby increasing the chances of yeast infections, especially if you are prone to developing it every now and then.

I think following the rule of thumb that says anything meant for external use only should be kept away from being applied on to penis and the anus. This is because anal play and sex can take the substance inside the body where it can cause harm. If you look at the label of baby oil, you will find that it mentions the precaution ‘for external use only’. By external, it is implicit that you should not consume this oil and also not apply it inside your private parts.

One reason why some people look for baby oil in those intimate moments in the bedroom is that they have probably seen porn stars use this oil as lubricant before indulging in anal sex. They think that using baby oil actually increases the fun quotient during anal sex. Of course baby oil makes you wet and smooth down there to increase all the fun and enjoyment. But what these porn stars will not tell you is how vigorously they wash their private parts to sanitize themselves after the act or the scene.

If you are interested in knowing about baby oil, you should know that it is ideally suited to the skin of your baby as it makes the sin soft and supple. It also allows the skin to remain hydrated for a long time. So while baby oil makes your baby feel good  by keeping his skin soft and tender, it is not a substance that was created to be used as a lubricant to make anal sex smoother and more enjoyable.

Baby oil is also not good when you are trying to experience anal sex with a condom on. Mineral oil contained in baby oil is an enemy of the latex used to make your condom. If the condom remains in contact with this oil for a long time, it is likely to disintegrate. It has been proved that mineral oil causes a condom to lose nearly all its strength. So while you may be thinking that you are safe from contracting a STD from your partner, as you are wearing a condom, you can catch a sexually transmitted disease easily by using baby oil during anal sex.

In the end, it would suffice to say that there are lubes specifically made to be used during anal sex and one should stay away from home made products like olive oil and baby oil to reduce the pain and discomfort and to make the session more pleasurable for both the partners. Remember the contents of this article the next time you ask Can I Use Baby Oil as Lubricant for Anal Sex.




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