Best Household Anal Lubes For Anal Sex


Anal sex is no longer a taboo in the society and millions of couples around the country enjoy it just like foreplay, oral sex, and regular sex. However, the region surround the anus does not lubricate naturally on its own like the vagina and it can be painful experience for many men and women if they try to do it without applying any object that is slippery and wet in nature. Although there are available many different types of personal lubes in the market, there are times when people run out of stock and also when they are in places where there are no such lubes around. During such times, people look for objects that are harmless in nature and can be applied in and around anus to make it slippery and wet down there. Fortunately, there are lots of objects commonly found at homes that can be used as substitutes for personal lubes to make anal sex smooth and free from pain and irritation. Although they can hardly be described as best anal lubes, they nevertheless help to serve the purpose and allow a couple to enjoy anal sex without any problems.

It is not uncommon to run out of a lube when you and your partner have a sudden desire to indulge in anal sex. It is seen that couples stat to frantically search for something that would allow them to make it wet and slippery down there so that they can enjoy anal sex. If you are a woman, it is really frightening to imagine the hard gun of your partner ready to bang you from behind. If you find that nothing is left behind in the lube tube you bought last month, it is time to look for a suitable homemade lube that can lubricate your hole and allow the penetration from behind smooth and full of pleasure for the both of you. What are the things or objects that come to your mind when you think about items that you can use down there safely?

Things at home that can make it wet and slippery down there

There are many things that can make it soft and slippery in and around the anus so that you do not feel irritation when enjoying anal sex with your partner. There are many things to use as lube and they will do the job somehow but you have to keep their pros and cons in mind as it is after all a matter of your health and safety. People generally pick up things that can make sex smooth and reduce irritation without wondering they are risking their health and compromising with their own safety by using just about anything that they can lay their hands upon inside the kitchen or elsewhere in the household.

The first things to strike your mind capable of being used as homemade lubes are the different body oils and lotions that you normally use on body parts. These include the omnipresent  petroleum jelly called Vaseline, the very popular olive oil, the safest of them all baby oil, butter. There are pros and cons associated with every one of the so called best anal lubes and it pays to have a clear understanding of these pros and cons before settling on one of them that suits your liking and requirements.

Coconut oil as lube

Coconut oil has been used in households since time immemorial. It has been used as a natural oil for better health of our skin and hair. We use it on skin whenever we feel that our skin is becoming dry. We also apply it on hair when we find that our hair have become dull and listless.  This magical grease of the tropics is also used to treat gum diseases. As it is considered healthy for use, many men and women do not think twice before inserting it down there to get a moist and slippery feeing. The fact that coconut oil has been applied in and around the anus of the pregnant women for stretching their tissues to prepare them for childbirth is a proof that you can use coconut oil safely in and  around anus to make it smooth and slippery for anal sex. One thing that makes coconut oil a good lubricant for anal sex is that it is antifungal in nature. This means you can expect it to help in avoiding yeast infections. Coconut oil is thus a vry good homemade lube for anal sex. Just remember that coconut oil has a high freezing point so you might be forced to heat it to melt to be used as a lube.

Coconut oil is natural oil. This is the reason why it feels so good when you go on to apply it down there. It is also good as a homemade lube because it lasts very long when compared with water based lubes. It is also preferred by many as a lube for anal sex because it is natural and thus pure and healthy. Read More about using coconut oil as anal lubricant.

 Plant based oils like sesame oil, avocado, olive, and grapeseed oil

All plant based oils prove to be great lubricants to be sued for anal sex. They are always safe for use provided you have high quality products at home. Make sure that the plant based oil that you are using down there does not contain flavouring agents either as it can cause irritation and even bacterial infection. In fact, oils like olive and sesame are considered so good for health that people never think twice before going for them in case they have run out of stock of their personal tube and it is the middle of the night. Grapeseed and olive oils are not only beneficial for health but being lighter, they provide more comfort to skin than heavier oils like avocado and sesame. Just keep in mind that plant based oils turn rancid after their expiry date and you must remember this date before using any of these oils on your genitals. Read More about olive oil as anal lube.

Baby oil

Baby oil is usually found in most households whether there is a small Abby in the home or not. It is used on the delicate skin of the babies which means it is obviously safe for use on the skin of adults. Basically it is a mineral oil but it is so gentle that it can be used on the skin of the babies. Many people keep it in their cabinet only to use it as a homemade lube to reduce friction and to prevent irritation during sex. However, this oil is meant for absorption into the sensitive skin of the baby to make it soft and moisturized. But your genitals are perhaps even more sensitive and it is not advisable to apply baby oil, which is literally mineral oil, over your genitals. Keep in mind hat baby oil is soft and gentle but it is not very slippery. It does help in reducing friction but it is not considered safe when used as a lube with condoms.

Baby oil can alter the pH of your vagina as it is not natural oil but a mineral oil. Also, it proves difficult to be washed away from your genitals. This means it is possible to catch bacterial infections if this oil remains inside your vagina or anus. It is also not a good choice as one of the things to use as lube at home as it can break the latex condom used by your partner during sex. Click here for using baby oil as anal lube.

Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

People have so much of trust and confidence on the efficacy and safety of this petroleum jelly that they use it on their skin whenever it is chaffed or dry. In this case, it is the brand becoming bigger than the product. People keep it handy and apply it over their genitals without blinking their eyes. They think they are safe because they are applying Vaseline (a brand rather than petroleum jelly a product). Even though Vaseline makes you feel soft and slippery down there, it is not good for use as a lube. It stays there and does not wash out easily as it is not water based lubricant. It is also not good for use with a latex based condom. Click here for more information on using Vaseline as lubricant.

Natural butter

Butter looks and smells good and it is also good for your health. But it is certainly not one of the best anal lubes found inside a household. Derived from milk, it is full of casein proteins that have a tendency to make it rancid pretty quickly. This means you run the risk of catching a bacterial infection whether you inserted it inside your vagina or anus. You should keep proteins derived form animal sources away from your genitals as a general rule of thumb.

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is a wonder product derived from a plant. It is a gel that has been used by mankind since time immemorial because of its health benefits. It is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. It is a water based gel that works pretty fine as a lube as it is thick and very sticky. But it becomes a little tacky once it dries out. However, among all other homemade lubes, it is certainly the best and safest for use. You can safely apply it inside your vagina and anus without any health worries. It will not cause any irritation or infection provided you have an odourless Aloe Vera gel at home.

Egg whites

Have you ever given it a thought to break an egg and apply the white you get over your vagina or anus? It is a horrific idea for most people, especially those who are vegetarians as the mere thought of placing animal protein down there puts them off. Another reason why people avoid using egg whites as a lube down there is because of the risk of catching salmonella. You can remain free from worries of infections if you buy pasteurized egg whites. Doctors say it is totally safe and even good for your health if you apply egg whites inside your vagina or anus. It proves to be a very wet and slippery anal lube. However, it can be a big mess to apply egg white on anus or vagina as it is very slippery and runs away from your hands. If you do not know, egg white is nothing but protein just like the sperm of a male. So it makes for a great homemade lube. But most people find it offending because of the foul smell that it can produce once it has spread all over your genitals. If egg whites repulse you, you can go in for plain yogurt as a homemade lube.


Yes, if you do not find any of the above mentioned products at home for use as anal lube, your own saliva can act perfectly as a lubricant. It is nothing but water and it tends to dry out but many people have found it to be of great use in the middle of the night when they could not find anything else for use on their genitals. If you have seen porn films, you must have stars using their saliva to good effect to increase moisture and slippery feeling down there. But porn or no porn, you cannot find anything else at home which is always ready to use and it comes absolutely free of cost. Beware if your partner has a sore throat, mouth infection, or any other STD as his saliva can easily develop infection down there for you.


You can therefore see that you have many options up your sleeve should you run out of stock of your favorite personal lube in the middle of the night. You can experiment with a few of the objects mentioned above to find out if it is best suited to your liking and body or not.

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