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Lubricant becomes necessary when the vagina is dry or the lady is not able to derive satisfaction with rough sex. If your problem is dryness during intimate moments in bedroom, we are there to take care of all your problems. Similarly, a good quality lube is essential to have maximum pleasure during anal sex. Even for a deeply satisfying anal play, using anal lube is a good practice. All pain   and discomfort is gone when anal lube is applied as it gives a thick lubrication in and around the anus. We have been helping individuals to experience safe and pleasurable anal sex and anal play through our lubes for a long time. These products are tried and tested and millions of users of our lubes know they can rely upon the quality and safety of our lubes with their eyes closed.

Our lubricants have come handy for couples experiencing tight and uncomfortable moments in their bedrooms. Whether you want to try anal play and sex for the first time or you happen to be an experienced player, you are advised to be prepared with good quality lubes at hand. Our anal lubes produce such good lubrication that you forget all discomfort and pain during sex. This is not all as our anal lube reviews, published on our site every now and then; enable you to go for just the right kind of lubricants best suited for your requirements. All these reviews are unbiased and honest to give authentic information about the features and quality of lubricants being manufactured and sold by companies in the market.

Ultimate Best Anal Lube Reviews: 2017 Edition

Anal sex is not a new or recent practice. It has been enjoyed by human beings since time immemorial. This is a method of sexual intercourse that is enjoyed by a good number of couples around the country. If you happen to be an anal enthusiast, you need to remember that anal play and anal sex require lubrication as the area inside anus and the area surrounding it does not lubricate on its own. Spitting or using something from the kitchen to lubricate the anal region as well as penis sounds easy but it is neither effective nor safe. To help couples enjoy anal play and anal sex without any pain, many companies make lubricants. They sell them as anal lubes to be applied generously inside and outside the anus as well as on the penis to prevent any pain and to allow for smoother and more pleasurable sex.

You need not conduct a search across chemists in your area to come up with the best lubricant for anal play and anal sex. This will be a sheer waste of your time and effort and it will lead to wastage of your hard earned money as well. All you have to do to know about the best anal lubes in the market is to go through our anal lube reviews. It is natural for anyone to think about his own and partner’s safety while using a lube for anal sex. There will also be couples who want the lube to be silky smooth so that they feel nothing while indulging in anal play and sex. No matter what the questions in your mind regarding the lube you are using, it is all there in black and white on our website in the form of lube reviews. Know which lube ruled the roost in the year 2016 and which the lube is that you should use if you feel dryness down there during those intimate moments.

 LubeTypePriceOur Rating

Pjur Eros Bodyglide
Pjur Eros Bodyglide Review
Pjur Eros Bodyglide Silicone Base$$5.0

Wet Platinum Review
Wet Platinum Review
WET PlatinumSilicone Base$$4.7

Sliquid Gel
Sliquid Gel Review
Sliquid GelWater Base$$4.6

Baby Preseed Review
Baby Preseed Review
Babystart Pre SeedPre Seed Lubricant$$4.5

Astroglide Review
Astroglide Review
Astroglide Water Base$$4.5

Uberlube Review
Uberlube Review
Uberlube Luxury LubricantSilicone Base$$4.4

ID Glide Review
ID Glide Review
ID GlideWater Base$$4.3

Clean Stream Review
Clean Stream Review

Cleanstream AnalWater Base$$4.2

Passion Lubes Review
Passion Lubes Review

Passion LubeWater Base$$4.2

Ocean Sensual Review
Ocean Sensual Review

Ocean SensualsStimulating $$4.1

Understanding a little bit about lubes

A lube or a lubricant is a substance that is available in different forms but serves the same purpose of helping in reducing friction and dryness that makes sex less enjoyable and in some cases very irritating. There are times when one of the two partners is more excited and wet during sexual intercourse or foreplay. He may not even be aware of the fact that his partner is not enjoying the act of penetration because of dryness inside and around her anal region. This is when it becomes necessary to make use of a lubricant specially made for this purpose. There are still many people who respond with what is a lube when asked if they apply lubricant during anal sex or not. Of course what can I use as lube or where to buy lube are secondary questions if a couple is not even aware of such products being sold in the market. There is no need to pretend that you do not need a lube as it is only natural for you to sometimes not be ready for the act. If you are dry or your partner is not sufficiently wet, it is only prudent to apply a personal lubricant over the penis and the anal area to make it a pleasurable and enjoying session for both of you.

There are some men and women who think they do not need lubes and they can enjoy anal play and sex without using these tools. But why play haughty and try to be superior when you have the facility of a huge variety of personal lubes waiting to be used? These lubricants are only meant to make your session more enjoyable and they are in no way harmful to you. In fact, little awareness about these lubes happens to be a major reason why many couples still shy away from them whereas they can have a more pleasurable and satisfying sex session by using them.

Why one should use a lube during sex and anal play

If your partner is dry down there and you want to penetrate as you are very excited, you can only cause a lot of discomfort to her if you choose not to use a lubricant. There is no need to feel embarrassed if you need a lubricant to feel good during anal play and sex. This is because the region inside anus and the region surrounding it remain dry naturally and it does not become wet like a penis or a vagina. Some couples think that the wetness of penis can take care of this dryness but sometimes this much of lubrication is not enough. There are also couples who believe that they can make it easier by spitting but it is not only unhygienic but also unsafe.

Remember, lack of lubrication when indulging in anal play or anal sex can create a lot of discomfort and pain for one or both the partners. Also, there have been lots of cases where not using a lube before anal sex even led to failure of sexual relations between partners. Why do something that is unhygienic and risk your relations with your partner when you have the comfort of best lubes available to you? Including a good quality lubricant in your sex life is a healthy habit that adds to your fun and enjoyment and also takes care of the pain and discomfort of your partner.

There is no need to believe that you are compromising with your virility or manhood in any way when you have to apply a male lubricant over your penis when trying to explore the unexplored region of your partner. A lubricant is necessary not only because there is no natural lubrication inside anus but also when your partner is not becoming wet down in her vagina because of some physiological or psychological reasons. These include fears, anxiety, and secretion of low levels of estrogen. In fact, you need not go into the reason that lowers or reduces your pleasure during anal play or anal sex. Rather, you can make sure that you experience maximum pleasure when you make it a point to apply a good lube over your penis as well as the anus of your partner.

Now that you understand what a lube is, it is good to know their types and a brief introduction of each of these types. This is because they come in all shapes and sizes as well as forms based upon the liking and requirements of the individuals. Thus there are water based lubricants and silicone based lubricants to choose from. Then there are various flavored lubricants being sold in the market to cater to the taste and preference of different couples. There are also gay lubes as well as lubes that are advertised as best female lubricants. Whatever the name and the category of people being targeted, one requirement of all customers is a silky and smooth feeling when using the lubricant.

Water Based Lubes

If you have ever tried to look at the different lubes being sold in the market and online, you must have encountered this type of lube quite often. You see drops of water made over the wrappers and the tube believing the product to be made of water. However, the truth is that such lubricants mainly contain glycerin to give a very smooth and silky feeling after its application. One good feature of all these water based lubricants is that they do not dry out quickly. So if you are looking to prolong your sex session that includes anal play and anal sex, it is a great idea to keep this kind of lubricant at hand. Also, you can reactivate these lubricants if you feel it has dried out by sprinkling a few drops of water over your penis or the anus of your partner. In fact, you can reactivate this lubricant even with the help of your saliva. This means that you need not disrupt your session and just spit over the penis or anus to continue to enjoy silky and smooth anal sex for a long time. These lubricants work magically even if condom is being used during sex. However, there are available some water based lubes that do not contain glycerin. So it is better to check out the list of ingredients before buying such a lube from the market.

Silicone based lubricants

As the name implies, these are the lubricants that consist silicone and some other ingredients but not water. As there is no water, your skin does not absorb this formulation that glides over your skin. You feel good when this lube is applied over your genital area. It lasts long because it does not dry out. Experts advise using this type of lubricants when you are playing with sex toys. This is because these lubes are made of silicone and most of the sex toys are also made using silicone. Silicone lube has become very popular in recent times.

Lubricants that are oil based

An oil based lube is one that makes use of oil as the base in which all active ingredients are mixed. Most people love these lubricants because of the slippery feeling they get with its application. There is also a belief among most people that oil based lubes are safe for use and they do not cause any side effect even if they go inside the body. Another reason why oil based lubes are so popular is because they do a great massage of the genital area, especially the vagina and the clitoris. Thus these lubes actually help in increasing the fun and enjoyment during anal play and anal sex. However, there is one downside of using oil based lubricant and that is their ability to leave stains over your clothing items. So keep away your clothes, even innerwear from the place where you are spending intimate sex session with your partner if you do not want to spoil your clothes.

It boils down to personal choice and the experience one has while using a particular type of lubricant that decides the lubricant that an individual continues to use for a long time. But all customers want their lube to give them a silky smooth feeling so that they do not feel any discomfort during anal play and anal sex.

Anal sex is an aspect of sex life that is desirous for most of the males and a good percentage of females. But many couples do not enjoy it when they try it with the result that they shy away from this act even when they are with different partners. One of the main reasons for this poor experience is the dryness of anus and the surrounding area. Those who know that anus is dry naturally also know that anal sex can be pleasurable only with the application of a good quality lubricant inside the anus and the surrounding region. If you are a man and trying anal play or anal sex with your female partner for the first time, you do not know what it feels like to take in a finger or a penis inside the anus. But you can certainly help your partner by applying a good lube over your penis. You can also ask your partner to apply this lube generously inside her anus and its outside to remove discomfort and pain that is common because of dryness.

Today, there are available female lubricants that also result in desensitization of the anal area for some time. These lubes are perfect for women who experience a lot of pain when their anal area is groped by their partners either by their fingers or when trying to penetrate from the backdoor in excitement. While the first reaction of most females is to discourage any such action and guide their partner towards their vaginas, there are many females who become excited and evince interest in allowing their partners to explore their unexplored area. If the male partner is experienced enough to realize that he can make it a pleasurable experience for his partner by simply applying a good quality lubricant, he can have it his way and also bring pleasure for his partner.

Surveys that have been carried out across the world tell us that most women do not like anal sex and even anal play. Even the first timers who experience it shy away from anal sex subsequently. The reason behind this dislike lies in the discomfort and pain that they experience during anal sex. Male partners never realize they are hurting their partners by trying to insert their hard cocks inside their anuses. These women not only feel the pain during the time they have anal sex but also long afterwards it. On the other hand, every man has a desire to fuck his female partner from behind as it gives him a lot of thrill and enjoyment. It goes without saying that anus of a woman is tighter than her vagina and penetrating the cock inside anus gives quite a bit of thrill and vicarious pleasure to a man. The penis gets squeezed by the anal sphincter which is why men get so much pleasure during anal sex. However, it is injustice for a woman to give in to the sexual desires of her man just to please him. Anal sex should not be a tool for sexual pleasure and satisfaction of male ego alone. It should be an act that is pleasurable for both the partners and this is possible if couples decide to make use of female lubricant.

Not many men know the fact that the female anus is one of the most sensitive spots of her body. Even though her anus does not become wet on its own, it is an erogenous spot that can bring lots of sexual pleasure to her. It is possible to make a woman enjoy anal play and anal sex by applying a lube for women on the penis and also inside her anus. This lubricant keeps the inside and the region surrounding the anus wet and slippery to accommodate the penis without causing any discomfort. By not applying a lubricant over penis and the anal region of the partner, many men try to get backdoor entry through brute force causing a lot of pain for their partners. Most men do not know about these lubes and even those who do forget or ignore them during intimate moments in the bedroom.

There are many men who say that they cannot use a lube even though they would love to. This is because they use condoms and all the lubricant would go to a waste after putting it on a condom. These men are trying to fool themselves as they are probably not aware of the fact that there are available lubricants for condoms. A condom lubricant is slightly different in composition and it is made to make the condom more slippery and wet. Using a condom is thus no longer an excuse for not using a lube during anal play and anal sex. In fact, there are available in the market flavored lubricants that can be used alongside a condom to make anal play and anal sex more fun filled and thrilling for both the partners. This is wonderful for men who always wear a condom during sex as they have traditionally complained for not being allowed a backdoor entry by their partners.

If you happen to be one of those men who have always desired and fantasized about anal sex but thwarted in your plans by your partner, what you need is a little help from a good quality lube. This product will make the anus of your partner wet and slippery from inside and outside and allow you to enter her from behind without causing any pain to her. You will be surprised to learn that will not oppose but will also cooperate with you during anal sex as she starts to enjoy it. The same is the case with menopausal women who feel dryness down there on account of secretion of low levels of estrogen, the most prominent female hormone. Doctors recommend using female lubricants to these women to reduce dryness and to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners. For women over the age of 40 as well as those who are undergoing symptoms of menopause, this kind of lubrication for women is a blessing in disguise. They can continue to enjoy vaginal sex as well as anal sex even after they reach a stage where they do not become sufficiently wet to have smooth sex.

 What if the lube creates physical problems?

If you have ever used an anal lube earlier in your life and your experience was not good, it does not mean that lubes are not for you. It is only that your selection of lubricant was not right and that you should take help from an expert or a doctor to get down to the best lubricant for your use. What is a good lubricant or what lube to use is questions that remain on the minds of most people desirous of indulging in anal play and anal sex with their partners. There are many people who complain of yeast infection after using an anal tube. There are also men and women who say that they developed rashes or experienced burning sensation when they applied an anal lubricant over their penis or anus. These people should find out if they are allergic to particular ingredients used in making an anal lube or not. They can consult their doctor to know the kind of lube they should use to avoid these allergic reactions. The thing to remember here is that an anal lubricant is used only to make it wet and slippery around the anal area and it is safe to use for most of the people. It is there to make your sex safe and full of fun rather than to create problems for you.

If you are interested in an anal lube, make sure you buy one that is not only creamy, slippery, and transparent but also one that remains effective for a long time. Your lube should easily wipe out with a towel and importantly, it should not leave a stain on clothing items. Last but not the least; the lubricant should remove all feelings of discomfort and pain associated with anal play and anal sex. A silky smooth feeling while entering the woman from behind and also making it pleasurable for her during the act is what is the desire of every man. This is precisely what best quality lubes are capable of.

We have been helping couples to wriggle out of tight situations through our k knowledge and expertise that we have gained over the years through our association with this industry. We can help you in choosing the best lubricant based upon your liking and requirements. Learn everything about anal lubes with the help of articles published on our website to become an expert yourself. Stick with to fulfill all your lube related queries and requirements.